Pouring Wine

Pouring Wine

When you pour wine, avoid tilting the bottle in an up and down motion. This motion increases the chance that the bottle will hit the rim of the glass, and may also make the wine shoot out of the bottle missing the glass altogether. It will also allow wine to drip down the front and sides of the bottle. Instead, after gently pouring the wine into a glass with one smooth motion, gently twist your wrist with an inward movement, whilst tilting the neck of the bottle upward. This will help you avoid dripping wine on the tablecloth or your guests.

Sparkling wines should always be poured against the side to preserve bubbles, whilst still wines should be poured towards the centre of the glass. To control drips, twist the bottle slightly as you tilt it upright.

Never fill the glass more than one-third to half-full. This will allow your guests to swirl the wine, smell the bouquet and see the wine's "legs". You can always top the glass up when needed.

At a dinner party, serve wine to the women and older guests first, then the men, finally finishing up with your own glass.

There is an old saying that offers the following advice on the correct way to pour wine: "You should always hold a woman by the waist and a bottle by the neck".